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Human Resources

CPMI brings value to the table when it comes to critical areas that often fall well outside the core competencies of operations-focused owners and management. Our consultants help our clients handle these areas of their business so that they can focus on what matters most: creating value for their customers. With decades of experience and a proven record, we help our clients carry out the following business-critical tasks:

  • Devising policies and developing manuals. Having a codified human resources policy is a crucial task for companies as they grow from small to medium or larger firms.

  • Developing employee handbooks. Even the smallest companies can benefit from having all employees on the same page when it comes to important workplace rules rather than following a haphazard approach.

  • Defining job descriptions, creating orientation programs and structuring employment packages. Duties for each position should be carefully defined and employment packages should be competitive while reflecting the value that the individual employee creates for the company.

  • Conducting Human Resource Audits to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations.

  • Train management in such areas as handling terminations, performance evaluations, best practices for effective hiring and compliance issues, such as sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

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