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Claims Management

Accidents do happen even with the best-formulated workplace safety plans in place.

 At CPMI, we help companies that have experienced jobsite injuries navigate the complex and massively time-consuming process of managing workers’ compensation claims.


Unlike most states, Texas does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance.   This is an option that many companies take, being identifies companies as Non-Subscribers.   However, it can leave these businesses open to nasty liabilities should a workplace injury occur.   At CPMI, we help Non-Subscribers and Subscribers through the workers’-compensation process. 


Our experienced team of consultants can also handle thorough accident investigations, providing critical information to our clients on how to prevent similar accidents in the future and ensuring that any claims being leveled against our client are fully legitimate. 


We will handle all correspondence with insurance companies, a time-consuming and often-confusing process that can eat up dozens of hours.   We will also maintain contact with all medical providers, insurers, the injured party and our client to ensure that the process is moving forward without delays at all times. 


Finally, we will help to determine, alongside management and medical staff, at what point the injured employee will be able to resume their job duties even if those duties must be reduced in capacity and scope. 


As with other areas of safety compliance, it may be possible for individual owners and managers to carry out the tasks that necessarily arise over the course of a worker’s compensation claim.   However, leaving it to the professionals will allow key personnel to continue focusing on their core competencies rather than jumping on the steep and frustrating learning curve that comes with handling such claims. 


Ultimately, we can save our clients enormous time and money while ensuring a smooth and satisfactory resolution.

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